If you’ve made professional development a personal goal and are looking to pick up an ISMM qualification from us, then your next step will be finding an answer to each of these questions:

  • What level qualification would you like to study towards? Sales Superstars offers Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 ISMM-accredited qualifications. Level 2 qualifications are aimed at those just embarking on their sales career, whilst Level 5 qualifications are aimed at more experienced individuals, usually in a management role. Find out more
  • What type of qualification would you like to study towards? Sales Superstars offers three different qualification types: ‘Award’, ‘Certificate’ and Diploma’. Awards are the easiest to earn, whilst Certificates and Diplomas require a significant time investment. Find out more
  • Once you’ve decided, please get in touch. We will get you set-up and then your learning journey can begin!

From sign-up to graduation, the Sales Superstars qualification process is tailored to make your journey exciting, convenient and cost-effective. Here’s a break-down of our streamlined process:

  • Upon sign-up, you get a full instruction document, the eLearning module (or modules), notes and the assignment.
  • You will find a ‘My things to do’ tab on the Academy, which keeps track of your online courses, assessments and your progress. Each ISMM Award your study through Sales Superstars requires you to complete a separate eLearning module – e.g. Unit 201: The Laws and Ethics of Selling.
  • When you’ve completed the eLearning module(s), you take the associated online Assessment(s). Our Assessors will then mark your work and you will receive your ISMM-accredited qualification. Awesome!

Set sail for sales success! Join us on our voyage to upskill as many talented salespeople as we can and watch your sales skyrocket! Here’s why we rock and how we’re so different from the rest:

  • You get access to an award-winning Learning Management System. An LMS is a platform that helps you to manage your learning – it makes it easy to access all your eLearning units, take tests and monitor your progress.
  • We kick boring’s butt! Our LMS is fully gamified, making it exciting, engaging, motivating and, well, fun! Not only will you enjoy learning, but you’ll be bettering your future prospects too – and our gamified LMS has been voted #1 in the world!
  • We’re passionate about helping people become the best they can be, and we’re unique in that we offer a select few Sales Superstars free ISMM Level 3 Diplomas.