Motivate yourself with a sales qualification

sales qualificationsHere at Sales Superstars, we love qualifications! If you’re prepared to invest your time and energy into improving yourself, why shouldn’t you earn something at the end of your journey to show off the fact that you’re now a better, stronger, more competent person?

That’s why we partnered with the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management to build all of our training content. Not only did it have to meet the ISMM’s strict standards, proving that it’s quality training, but completing our courses will earn you real, internationally recognised qualifications!

So finishing each course will earn you an Award, finishing a few more will net you a Certificate, and finishing even more will bag you a real Diploma!

Sounds pretty great, right? But are there any other benefits to getting qualified?

Massive motivation

Well how about the fact that having a huge, delicious carrot dangled in front of you is going to make you run much, much faster?

There’s nothing worse than a dull learning experience with seemingly no payoff at the end. But keeping your eye on the tangible prize at the end is the perfect way to maintain focus.

You’ll be much more eager to put in the hours knowing that not only are you boosting your skills, but you’re also going to be more reputable and more employable afterwards.

But don’t just take our words for it! Let’s look at one of our clients.

Holcim Australia Sales Academy

Through our parent company, Growth Engineering, we licensed out our sales training content to Holcim Australia. They’re putting 170 of their sales staff through the very same Level 3 and Level 4 diplomas you’ll find on our site.

They recently issued the first batch of certificates to their learners, and they’ve seen the very real effect this has had on engagement. Those who have put in all the hard work are strutting about with big toothy smiles on their faces and a spring in their step. What better motivation for those who have fallen behind to get their learning back on track?

As soon as they saw their colleagues with real certificates, they realised they were in danger of being left behind, so they got their heads back in the game and buckled down to close the gap!

Holcim blends our training with face-to-face workshops, and soon after the certificates were issued, participation rates leaped up from 81% to 94%!

Australia is a pretty big place and Holcim’s team is spread across the country. Securing this kind of attendance rate is almost unheard of, but Holcim have pulled it off, thanks to these prestigious qualifications. Not bad for a piece of paper!

If you’re ready to get qualified in sales and marketing, take a look over our online course list. We’ve got courses to suit every level of experience!