Our top posts of 2015

Another year come and gone… Here’s hoping that you had a wildly successful 2015, and that you’re planning on having an even better 2016!

For us, 2015 was spent talking to the greatest salespeople in the world for our series of Sales Superstar Profiles. We found out about how they got to where they are today, what skills they picked up along the way, and asked them to share any other words of wisdom they felt needed to be shouted out!

Unsurprisingly, these were widely-read interviews! Here are the five most popular of the bunch:

Anthony Iannarino Profile Shot5. Anthony Iannarino

Anthony is one of the most recognisable figures on the sales landscape, and he’s been sharing tips and advice on his blog every day since 2009! On top of that, he’s one of the world’s most highly sought-after sales coaches, and he travels around the globe to share his expertise in person.

When we spoke to Anthony, he told us how he started off washing dishes, and had his blossoming sales career interrupted by emergency brain surgery. His story is simply must-read!

Jon Ferrara Profile Shot4. Jon Ferrara

Jon is the father of CRM systems. Way back in 1989 he co-founded GoldMine, which revolutionised the sales process and grew to become the Salesforce of the 1990s. So it’s no surprise to see this profile amongst the top 5!

Jon told us how he was repeatedly put off by selling and actually tried to pursue a career in aerospace before accepting his sales destiny. He explained how he built GoldMine on a bootstrap until it was making $75 million annual revenue, and he shared his thoughts on the future of relationship management.

Craig Roenberg Profile Shot 13. Craig Rosenberg

Craig is better known to some as The Funnelholic. He’s the Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO, a research an advisory firm, giving him great insight into the whole sales landscape!

Craig’s story is a fascinating one. He told us how he went from being a Hollywood Intern, to being a teacher and water polo coach, to being a salesperson, to setting out on his own as an entrepreneur. Quite the whirlwind tour!

Tamara Schenk Profile Shot 32. Tamara Schenk

Tamara has been selling for more than 20 years, and is a sales enablement evangelist! She’s currently a Research Director at MHI Research Institute, specialising in strategic sales enablement and sales force transformation, as well as an influential blogger and speaker.

She told us how all about her career, and about how she grabbed every opportunity she had to innovate in her roles!

Ian Moyse Profile Shot1. Ian Moyse

The coveted number 1 spot goes to Ian Moyse! He’s a Senior Sales Manager at Rackspace, and he was named 2015’s Sales Director of the Year by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

He had a great story to tell! A chance event during childhood sparked an interest in computing, but then he ended up jumping head-first into the world of sales, without any previous training. He then told us how he worked his way up the ranks, and mapped out what he’s found makes a great salesperson!

We’ve interviewed a lot of sales heavyweights, so make sure to take a look through the full list of profiles!

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