Setting targets is a fantastic way of challenging and stretching a salesperson to become the best they can be. This demo will give you a short taste of Unit 307: Time and Territory Management, which covers:

  • How to set SMART goals.
  • How to improve your career standing.
  • How to develop a dynamic strategy for dealing with customers and prospects… and much more! Click here for the demo

Do you dedicate enough time to your own personal development as part of a goal to increase your sales? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? Can you set demanding but achievable actions that will help you on your career path? This demo will let you take a bite of Unit 308: Planning for Professional Development, which covers:

  • Recognising and respecting the skills, qualities and experience needed to pull off certain roles.
  • Increasing your self-worth.
  • Improving your career prospects… and much more! Click here for the demo

Do you have sufficient insight into the financial workings of your business? Can you effortlessly interpret customer accounts? Do you fully appreciate the impact of financial decisions on sales? Enjoy your free sample of Unit 407: Finance for sales managers, which covers:

  • Calculating profitability ratios.
  • Setting and understanding sales budgets.
  • The intricacies of running a business… and much more! Click here for the demo