There is no one in the world who can’t be taught; no one who can’t benefit from learning new things; and no one who won’t reap the rewards of getting an accredited qualification! Here’s why you should get ISMM-qualified with Sales Superstars:

  • More and more businesses are on the lookout for sales professionals with ISMM-accredited qualifications. Those with a qualification are simply much more attractive to employers!
  • Salespeople with qualifications recognised by professional institutes earn approximately 37% more! That’s a lifetime benefit of £152,000!
  • When you enrol with Sales Superstars, you’re also granted full membership of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. Benefits include: substantial discounts on a range of products, use of designatory letters and the ISMM logo, a free Regus Gold card (worth £300), networking opportunities and professional advice.

The main reason to take a sales qualification from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management is the opportunity it provides to learn new skills, adapt your behaviour and increase your confidence.

  • Whatever your level of experience, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we provide numerous different levels of qualification.
  • Sales Superstars offers you opportunities to put your newfound knowledge to the test through interactive sales scenarios.
  • Embed your knowledge using The Discovery Method of learning, which uses your own experiences to help drive your learning.

There are a few providers of ISMM qualifications out there, so you’re lucky to have stumbled across the best and only one to offer these coveted, impressive qualifications through a fully online process. Study in your slippers, sitting on your sofa: superb!

  • We provide you with all the tools, knowledge and support you need to help you unlock your potential, drive your career upwards and deliver levels of sales excellence that you could hardly think possible!
  • Sales Superstars is the most cost-effective, convenient and exciting way to complete these awesome qualifications from the ISMM.
  • We are very lucky that we were born from a super symbiosis of the ISMM and Growth Engineering, an award-winning eLearning technologies company that is ranked #1 in Europe and #2 in the world for its Learning Management System. Check ‘em out by clicking here.