The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management is the worldwide representative body for salespeople. The ISMM want to see the salesmen and women of the world succeed, and offer a full range of qualifications in sales, marketing and sales management to jump-start your career and boost your progression!

  • Founded in 1911, the ISMM exists to promote standards of excellence in sales and sales management.
  • The ISMM represents the interests of the sales profession and provides practical support to salespeople and organisations worldwide.
  • The ISMM’s Corporate Members include: BT, Microsoft, KPMG, Virgin Media, EDF and many more.

The ISMM are the only professional body in the UK to offer sales and marketing qualifications. Whether you’re just getting started in your sales career, or you’ve got bags of experience, earning an ISMM qualification can help you grow your skill base and enhance your prospects.

  • ISMM qualifications are vocationally-related and approved by the UK government’s regulatory body for education, Ofqual. They also sit on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).
  • The qualifications are written by real salespeople, so you know what you’re learning is accurate, interesting and – above all – immensely valuable. For more about the ISMM, visit their website:
  • Sales Superstars offers qualifications from Level 2 to Level 5. These range in size from ‘Awards’, to ‘Certificates’ and ‘Diplomas’.

Here’s yet another reason to get qualified through Sales Superstars. Once you’ve completed your learning journey, you’ll earn full ISMM membership status, which comes with a slew of benefits. The primary objective of ISMM membership is to increase sales performance. Here’s how they make that happen:

  • Access to ground-breaking research: ISMM Members have access to a suite of research that can provide support in their day-to-day activities. This research can help you to reach informed decisions, understand the industry better and boost your sales performance.
  • Add letters after your name: ISMM Members are permitted to put MInstSMM (Member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management) after their name (e.g. Bob Charles MInstSMM).
  • And much more: opportunities to network with fellow sales professionals, a subscription to Winning Edge magazine and CV enhancement. There’s a reason why 98% of members say that they would recommend membership to colleagues!

Sales Superstars is brought to you by eLearning experts Growth Engineering. Contrary to popular opinion, we believe that eLearning doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly boring. We’re attempting to put the fun back into learning, so that our learners can unlock their full potential and become the best they can be! Here’s what Growth Engineering believe:

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